Psychic Reading for Oliver (Sydney) February, 2016

Words cannot express the relief felt once I experienced a reading from Tracey. 

 Having lost my mother only 2 years ago. It was amazing that she came through with so much clarity. As well as many other loved ones whom helped to answer so many questions bottled in my heart. 

 Tracey was able to bring me closure especially when it came to my mother whom died very quickly after a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Messages and information were received by me that even my father or wife could not have known. For example the last physical hand gestures from my dying mother. Not to mention the bracelet and hidden letters my mother had left in a box and bible for us to discover.

 Tracey has an outstanding gift from the universe and we are so lucky that her services exist. The information provided was so accurate that you would have to have been living in my shoes for many years to have known this type of information. Which tells us that this was a genuine reading and there was no room for scepticism. 

 We as a family have all been blessed by this reading and have all come to find more peace from the messages received by deceased loved ones via Tracey. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and Light... 

Oliver & Family


Skype-Psychic Reading testimonial from Karina, New York (USA)

6 May, 2015

 Hi Tracey! 

 Oh my goodness! Your messages nearly made me cry!! :-)

 Thank you with all my heart!!! You are so loving and giving I'm so grateful you came into my life and all in divine timing :-) 

 Thank you so so much for the affirmations!! They are so beautiful! Even reading them through my heart feels so full and bright it could explode! 

 THANK YOU! So much love and light and joy you have awoken in me and I appreciate it more then you could ever know!!! 

 Again, I mean it when I say thank you and you've really changed my life!!! :-) 

 Stay in touch and I wish you so much happiness and joy!!! You are a star!!!

 Love and smiles,



Psychic Reading testimonial from Tanya


14 October, 2013


Hi Tracey


You may not remember me but i saw you in may this year and you said we would be pregnant by july (from ivf). When i was leaving you said to send you an ultrasound pic of our baby well here it is. I am now 17 weeks pregnant. Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing reading and hope to see you sometime in the future. 

Kind Regards, Tanya


Psychic Reading testimonial from Courtney


 9 September, 2013


Hi Tracey,

 I cannot thank you enough for yesterday’s reading, I came to you feeling confused and not sure what to expect, and I have left with a new sense of clarity and positivity.

 I am still completely blow away by your accuracy and I am looking forward to watching your predictions pan out.

Thanks Courtney 



Psychic Reading testimonial from Mimma


2 August, 2013

“Hello Tracey, you were very accurate for my son's reading.....considering that you did the reading through corrispondence all the way from italy and i reccommend you to anyone who whats to have a clear outlook on their future...... also very interesting to see the way things turn out the way you say. Thank you so much take care. Hope to hear from you real soon.  Love mimma


Psychic Reading testimonial from Dawn


1 August, 2013

“Hi Tracey, I had a reading from you at the MBS Festival Melbourne and was blown away by your accuracy and the sense of peace I had from speaking with you.  So many things you said were also so powerful and true. I highly recommend anyone seeking guidance to have a reading with you. Thank you for sharing your energy. Love & light, Dawn x


Psychic Reading testimonial from Ally


24 July, 2013

“I first heard about Tracey after my brother had a reading with her at the Mind, body, spirit expo in Sydney.  He called my that night to tell me what she told him.  I was amazed, he was giving me messages about situations he had no knowledge of.  I was so impressed with his reading & how accurate she was I booked my own reading straight away.  My partner & I were both blown away with the accuracy, even down to a pet dog my partner had when he was a boy, she could see him here (in spirit) with us!  I’ve taken her advice on another matter so we will wait & see............"


Psychic Reading testimonial from Sara,


4 July, 2013

“Tracey helped bring clarity to me when I was at a serious crossroads. I have been to many psychics and healers before and this time I wanted to see a medium as I believe when they can hear and see spirits and the angels they aren't interpreting anything themselves. This was the most accurate reading I have had ever, there wasn't one minute during my time where I felt as though Tracey was getting anything wrong. She knew everything about work, love, my great grandmother who came through and I didn't say a word! Thank you Tracey for passing this information onto me! I am now excited about what's to come"



 Psychic Reading testimonial from Nathalie,


2nd July 2013

"A reading with Tracey makes you feel very comfortable from the beginning. She's a very warm, loving and genuine person. She takes her time with you and takes you very serious". 


Psychic Reading testimonial from Jen, 


2 July, 2013

 “Tracey with absolute gratitude I wanted to say thank you for my reading.  I just wanted to share with you that everything you said proves we are right on track." 



Reiki and Psychic Reading testimonial from Liz


26 June, 2013

I can't recommend Tracey highly enough. My reiki session was a really positive experience in which I felt relaxed and at ease. Having never experienced reiki before, Tracey was very welcoming and took adequate time to explain the process. I gained an immediate sense of trust. Having no expectations of what I would gain, I felt an overall sense of peace and inner strength following the session. I agree with Tracey's analogy that reiki is like '...a massage for the soul' and would definitely recommend to other's. 


Psychic Reading testimonial from Kerrie 


21 June, 2013

 “I have been to see Tracey on a number of occasions now and each time I have been so overwhelmed with the accuracy of the answers to my questions.  It has been so very helpful in dealing with the passing of my husband.  I have been told things that only he would know and how to deal with matters that are troubling me as only he would know how to.  We can even laugh at some of the comments that come through because they are “so him” that I can hear him saying it.  It is so comforting to know that he is with me still.  I feel so uplifted after leaving it gives me strength to move forward with my life."

 I can’t recommend Tracey highly enough, she is one of a kind in my book!!!



Psychic Reading testimonial from Rex & Carol, 


5 June, 2013

 “Hi Tracey, Thanks for the original reading, and extra thanks for the additional effort you put in with this "written report" for us, it is much appreciated.  Both our mothers came through - my mum had 2 babies and an 18 year old son predecease her - so your mention of 3 children from above is spot on.

Although mum was a city girl, their house backed onto a laneway, and after dad died she lived on a farm where there was a lemon orchard -maybe that's the country connection you saw for her, and she was a knitter and also sewed a lot.  Really, you had so much right it was amazing.  Indeed, my dad was a watchmaker, so the watch connection is extremely strong.  He was a chronic, acute asthmatic and died of a heart attack, so the breathing difficulties connection is spot on.  Carol's mum was brought up on a farm.  Carol's dad indeed had alzheimers, as well as "medicating" himself with alcohol.

I won't "reverse engineer" your reading further - needless to say you were very accurate and very helpful.

Thanks once again



  Psychic Reading testimonial from Leaenda 


29 April, 2013

 “Meeting Tracey was a rare pleasure, she made me feel at ease right from the beginning of the reading.

I received the confirmations from the reading that I hoped for and felt a huge relief in being able to make future decisions with clarity.”


Psychic Reading testimonial from Melissa


 26 April, 2013

My reading with Tracey was by far the most accurate and insightful reading I've had and I've had a few readings by different people over the many years across several continents. She was amazingly accurate in her immediate future advice and gave me insight to what lay ahead for me. Her guidance was invaluable to me at that junction in my life. I was impressed by her talent to connect with a loved one past and was comforted by the messages that she passed on to me from them. A reading with Tracey is a must - I highly recommend her!

Mel xx


Psychic Reading testimonial from Julie,


 18 April, 2013

 Tracey is an extraordinary Earth Angel who is highly intuitive. She is a loving soul doing her spirit work as we all should. She is an inspiration and a guiding soul in the light of the Divine. I highly recommend her for her readings. 



Some of the Feedback forms received about Traceys' readings at The Mind, Body & Spirit Festivals in Sydney & Melbourne Nov 2012

  • Incredibly accurate & inspiring
  • I was amazed at what she knew.
  • Tracey was very good. I'm very happy with thereading. Thank you very much.
  • Saw her previously. She is so warm & caring,very positive, in tune. I love that she doesn't do tarot.
  • She is the real deal. She has so much energy & is accurate.
  • Such a warm & lovely lady! Very accurate & Ifelt comfortable with her!
  • She's a clever lady,wonderful with people & a lovely spirit! Thank you.
  • Have seen her before. She's excellent! :-).
  • She was a fantastic lady & I would recommendher any day. Thank you so much.
  • Insightful, magical & beautiful.
  • Tracey connected with me straight away! Wasamazing. Thank you thank you!
  • She gave me hope & happiness :-).
  • Thank you, really enjoyed it, would love to chat again.
  • Tracey is very genuine, nice & very intuitive.
  • It was calming & peaceful. And I got a lot out ofit in a short period of time. Would definitely see her again :-).
  • Very caring, that's why I chose her from picture. Lovely person. Made me feel very comfortable & was a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Tracey.


Psychic Reading testimonial from Helen


7 February, 2013

 I would like to comment on my visit to Tracey at Angels n Beyond.  After a very short time I felt very relaxed and Tracey was so easy to talk to and certainly not patronising as we touched on the abuse in my life.  It was a very enlightenening visit and I found myself thinking about things that I had blocked out which can only be helpful to me.  I truly recommend a visit as Tracey was spot on in more than one aspect of my life. Helen


Psychic Reading testimonial from Danielle.


6 February, 2013

Hi Tracey, I just wanted to say thankyou for such honesty and clarification throughout my reading. I felt overwhelemed and safe all at once. Your guidance and healing powers totally have changed me for the better. I feel more at peace and relaxed and also know which path in life to follow. You said I'd get the new job and yes were so right, I got it. Thankyou and may the light always shine upon you. regards Danielle


Psychic Reading testimonial from Joanne

(Sutherland Shire)

31 January, 2013

I met Tracey for a reading and immediately felt at ease. I was hoping for any details of my grandmother who had  passed a couple of years earlier.  Tracey gave me lots of information and I felt at peace knowing my granma was ok and looking out for us. Thank you Tracey - I was so relieved to know this and so were my family. I look forward to having another reading soon! Joanne


Psychic Reading testimonial from Christine

(Sutherland Shire)

12 December, 2012

I recently had a reading by Tracey.  She was wonderful and so accurate.  She was able to see my Grandmother that had passed and shared some information with me to tell the family.  The information she told me, no one would know these things, only my family.  It was amazing. 

 I would highly recommend Tracey and I thank her for shedding some light on some aspects in my life.  She sure has been blessed with an amazing gift and is helping people.



Psychic Reading testimonial from Leticia


26 November, 2012

I would like to thank you once again because it was truly a wonderful reading, and i felt overwhelmed with happiness that you mentioned that my son was by my side.  I am so highly grateful for this reading, the moment i saw Tracey i felt at ease and could feel her positive energy wrap me. She was so accurate with my loved ones who came through, so much so that when Tracey mentioned details of my grandma that i was unsure about, my father later confirmed that very same description. I felt empowered and on a high knowing that my loved ones are showering me with love and are by my side. So Thank you Tracey for this experience, i shall definitely be coming back!

 Well Tracey i hope everything is beautiful in your world.

 Thanks again Leticia



Psychic Reading & Reiki Treatment Testimonial from Carol


11 November, 2012

Tracey thank you so much, first having a phone reading with you I felt a very strong connection with you. My reading was extremely insightful on a number of issues. 

Then learning about and how useful reiki could be in regards to how I was feeling with life in general decided to contact Tracey again about a reiki session. I am so glad I did decide to have a session with Tracey she was so warm and loving from the moment we met. I felt completely at ease and felt i could talk to her about anything.  Your reiki session is explained to you so that you are aware of what will be happening from start to finish.  

I left my session a lot more at peace with lots of issues carrying my lovely crystal given to me as a gift to also help my journey - Tracey you are a very blessed person and very special in sharing your gift with all I can't thank you enough for the peace I am feeling of late which I thought I would never feel again - I thank you for helping me move forward and look forward to my next reiki session with you.

Anyone needing any guidance in their life journey don't hesitate to contact Tracey you can be guaranteed accuracy but most of all honesty from a beautiful soul. 

 I recommend Tracey to anyone needing answers, healing or guidance with life.



  Psychic Reading testimonial from Kerry


3 November, 2012

I found Tracey to be very accurate & insightful. Tracey was warm &  caring putting any/all of my concerns at ease immediately.  Tracey it was a pleasure to meet you & thank you for a wonderful reading.



  (Melbourne, VIC)

 10 October, 2012

Hi Tracey,  I am so thrilled i went to the mind, body and spirit festival and had a reading with you, it gave me so much encouragement for my future and the strength to keep positive after quite a few months of disappointment. Your energy is amazing, and i left feeling like i had known you for years.

 i had some concerns about being able to get pregnant and you told me to email you when i was pregnant - well i'm 9 weeks pregnant!!! due mothers day 2013...i just wanted to thank you for your amazing reading and giving me the guidance that i needed to believe it was possible. Everyone keeps asking me what i think i am having and i tell them a boy without hesitation!! (you told me we have a little boy waiting in spirit anxious to meet us). i can not wait to see if the rest of my life pans out as you said!! thank you so much, it was so great to meet you.


 Reiki testimonial from Mereana

  (Sydney, NSW)

9 October, 2012

 I would like to thank Tracey at Angels n Beyond for the wonderful experience, my first reiki session.  She instantly made me feel at ease and explained everything from start to finish.  She was extremely accurate pointing out various issues that I was already aware of along with others I was not.  

We had moved house 3 months ago where I had injured my wrist, which she picked up on, also picking up on the actual move.  She gave me and my partner great comfort with regards to a loved one, that alone was worth going for.  She picked up messages whilst giving the reiki which she relayed at the end of the session, nice little bonus.  Astonishingly accurate I recommend her to anyone and everyone wanting answers, healing and guidance.  

Thank you Tracey for your hand in my spiritual  journey.

Love Mereana


  Psychic Reading & Reiki testimonial from Samantha 

(Sydney, NSW)

28 August, 2012

 My first reading with Tracey was amazingly spot on. There was no way Tracey could have known about my past or the dreams I had had. Yet she knew like she had been in my head my whole life! There no way you can argue or not believe that she has a true connection when things like that happen. I have been to Tracey for a Psychic Reading and Reiki, and both were great. Tracey is so flexible, moving appointments or her own time left or right to fit you in. For her to make time for you shows true dedication to her work and for helping people.

 I feel I can tell Tracey anything and have full and upmost trust in her which is great to say as I have only met with her 3 times. I continue to see Tracey even if it’s for a chat as she is a remarkable, true and kind person. 



 Energy Cleansing testimonial from Sharon 


24 August, 2012


Tracey,I would love to take this opportunity to thank you for the Energy Cleansing you preformed on such short notice,I have been able to sleep alot better, also would love to thank-you on the work we managed to achieve in regard to my business , what an amazing and uplifting change it has made , the comments have been amazing.

I have and will continue to refer you, as the Energy Cleansing you did has changed the atmosphere in my home and business.

Thank you. Sharon NSW



Crystal testimonial from Brooke 


20 August, 2012


 I ordered a Selenite Crystal Ball from Angels and Beyond online and to my delight it arrived within a few short days. The process was straight forward and when the package arrived I also received a personalized thank you card from Tracey containing instructions for 'use' and care of the Crystal.
The Crystal itself is divine. Worth infinitely more than the small amount spent. More valuable, beautiful and lively than I could ever imagine. I can literally feel its vibrations...


 Psychic Reading testimonial from Darlene 


  29 July, 2012

 Getting to see Tracey was well worth the long drive through traffic indeed. Normally I feel uneasy getting a reading but Tracey had calm and positive energy around her that was very relaxing. Half an hour was definitely not enough time and I would recommend others to book for the hour. You can certainly guess certain  scenarios but Tracey was pretty spot on with detail. I would recommend others to get a reading.



 Psychic Reading testimonial from Bronwen 

  (Como, Sydney)

25 July, 2012

"I was amazed at how quickly Tracey picked up on events that were happening in my life at the time and also how she knew of the concerns I was having with my son. Tracey very accurately explained how my son was feeling and reassured me that things would turn out just fine. She was right (of course) and everything turned out just as she said it would. I sat down at the table a little sceptical but left completely confident that she certainly has a talent. Thank you Tracey for the great 'Girls Night' at the club. Everyone ended up having a reading (even the manicurists!)" Bronwen, Como NSW


 Psychic Reading testimonial from Karien. 

(Sutherland Shire, Sydney)

21 July, 2012

Not having been to a clairvoyant before, but very definitely felt the need to do so, I Googled !

I knew that I was physically and mentally exhausted and have a deep respect for spiritual healing. My path led to Tracey . Whilst I was apprehensive about the experience, I instinctively felt it was my way to go. From the moment of my arrival I had this distinct feeling of safety. I felt very strongly that I was safe to be me and verbalise my every thought and feelings. Tracey's healing room just confirmed that. It was clear, uncluttered and non threatening. I felt an immediate connection with her and what transpired was the most healing and mind freeing experience I have ever encountered. I told my every truth, my childhood was connected with me with my father connecting with Tracey. Whilst his presence was not directly in the room (by his choice), he communicated with Tracey and gave me the support and comfort about our relationship when I was a child that made me feel valued and loved which clearly was something I had lacked hence the feelings of loneliness, worthlessness and abandonment I have felt, really .... forever.

Tracey was accurate about everything, including my relationships with my children and others. She was honest and gave me advice on how to pull things around . Most of all I sensed very deeply that her analysis of my future was believable and achievable. she showed me the positives and the possibilities I had given up on . More than highly recommended , she is an angel ... Leading and guiding one into the Light ... Which really is there, if you seek . It has been a remarkable positive be experience. I learnt that you must seek light and really never ever give up! Karien



Psychic Reading testimonial from Sue

(Sutherland Shire, Sydney)

16 May, 2012

I heard about Tracey through someone who had an amazing reading so went along with an open mind.

She is very generous with her time and I didn't feel overwhelmed with the information that was coming through.

The contact with family who have passed was emotional and helpful, I received enough signposts to be able to tell that it was real.

The future was predicted with good detail and I came out feeling excited and changed.

Thank you for improving my confidence on my spiritual journey and sharing good info.

To come out feeling loved and excited is a true gift.



 Psychic Reading testimonial from Anne


4 April, 2012

The day I met Tracey I had some ongoing personal problems that were causing me a lot of anxiety. The moment I walked into Tracey’s life I felt comfortable & at ease. I had asked Tracey for  a clairvoyant reading as well as a Reiki healing. She explained what she was going to do so I wouldn’t be nervous. Tracey’s accuracy was amazing she told me exactly what was going on in my life as well as what will happen in the not too distant future. Tracey is the most pleasant, likeable person who definitely has a gift to help people. I walked out feeling totally at peace & hopeful that I will have a good life in the future. My anxiety had just disappeared & I felt blessed to have met Tracey who is a remarkable person. I will definitely be seeing Tracey again as I have total faith in her ability.

 Anne, Sydney



 Psychic Reading testimonial from Jaspreet


30 April, 2012

Many thanks for the reading Tracey, it was truely amazing and most of my questions have been answered.

This was my first ever psychic reading and it was truely amazing. All my doubts have been cleared and my questions been answered.

I was really feeling a bit low and sad for the last couple of months but now I can feel a lot positive energy around me and all the negativity has gone.

Most of the things you told me are actually happening and I am hoping that this year will bring lots of happiness in my life.

I am so grateful to you for your guidance it has really made a big difference in my life.

Many thanks, Jaspreet



Psychic Reading testimonial from Jessica  

 (Peakhurst, Sydney)

26 March, 2012

Tracey is a kind hearted, soft natured person, who bent over backwards to arrange an appointment for me last minute and to top it off hadn't even met me yet. I was truly amazed by my 1 hour reading and there is no doubt in my mind that Tracey is a real, genuine clairvoyant with no other motive but to help improve the lives of others. I left feeling rejuvenated and at peace and cannot wait to see Tracey again.  Thank you Tracey your a blessing xo



 (Helensburg, Sydney)

13 March, 2012

"I didnt know what to expect from traceys reading as i have been to many readings and walked away with no information at all. I truely believe Tracey's reading was the most spot on and accurate one i have had. Tracey provided me with so much insight and closure to issues that have been troubling me and gave me all the answers i was looking for. I 100% reccomend Tracey's readings and i will defiantly be going back, money well spent.". 

Thankyou for doing our reading so last minute. I look forward to having another reading off you when mum has a party.


Psychic Reading testimonial from Jodie

(Sutherland Shire, Sydney)

5 March, 2012

Hi Tracey I would just like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul . Your reading gave me answers and peace in my heart i've been searching my whole life for . You are a kind gentle soul and everyone would be blessed to have a reading with you . I will see you again in the future along with many of my friends . Bless you.

 (Engadine, Sydney)

23 February, 2012

Hi Tracey, Thankyou for your reading it was absolutely amazing and I still cannot believe the connection we made with my uncle who had been on my mind all day, the messaging and advice was all so in tune with current events and will help me to help some people close to me, more than you could know!
I have been telling all my friends xx




Psychic Reading testimonial from Nicole



(Blakehurst, Sydney)

15th February, 2012

"After my 1hr long psychic reading with Tracey, I feel very calm and at peace with my emotions, and appreciative of all the advice given to maintain a healthy future, I received the answers to my questions and now I feel I can continue on with my journey of life with a peaceful mind. I look forward to visiting Tracey again!"



Psychic Reading & Reiki testimonial from Rachael


9th February, 2012

 "After my hour long psychic reading and reiki with Tracey, I instantly felt at ease physically, mentally and spiritually. I came out of it feeling as though I had received the answers I was seeking in regards to my current situation and future endeavors. I thoroughly look forward to visiting her again"




6 September, 2011

"I can validate the spirits you connected with as being my family being my Grandmother and Grandfather John. I also appreciate your guidance in regards to specific questions I have asked and totally agree with your reading responses .
I also resignate with the numerology and this describes me to a tee :-) all guidance will be followed with love"
Tracy (Melbourne)


From Sonia, Sutherland Shire, Sydney

on Friday 19th August 2011

 I encountered Tracey recently at a Ladies fair with many Clairvoyants/Mediums reading for others - she had a beautiful display of Crystals and I purchased one for my daughter - later reading her card properly I noticed she did readings and much more and I called her to purchase another crystal for my other daughter.

I have only had one reading with Tracey, however will have many more as she is amazing... Tracey's psychic readings was extremely accurate and she raised things that I have not told anyone but my mother and husband? Seems crazy ha ! not to me - She is truly amazing. She is very caring, empathetic and professional woman and in addition her reading helped in tremendous ways.

She is very intuitive and was spot on. Tracey described members of my family without my prompting, and of whom I have no photos off - so there was no way she could have seen a photo in my house anywhere. Tracey asked me to ask a question - within my own thoughts and the answer was as if I asked her aloud, the reply corresponded to my internal question - She is for really and an amazing reader.

Having readings in the past and with Tracey has helped me to clarify situations, foresee what is happening in and around my life and to focus on my goals. Although I have reading occasional, I will definitely go back to Tracey, She was fantastic and will always stand out with her accuracy and wonderful demeanour.

I trust Tracey.  She instantly created an environment of safety during our reading and I knew I wasn't going to prompt her, nor guide her - that's why I called her in the first place, wasn't it? - I didn't say much at all yet it was as if I had just had an hour session with my Mum - telling her everything as I have all my life and she shared my inner most secrets - however this time it was Tracey sharing it with me - someone who spoke from within me without a word from my mouth - Truly amazing.

She is a genuine Clairvoyant and Medium and believe me I have been to some that say they are yet knew nothing and wanted prompting. Try her - you won't be disappointed and I now know I have found a loving, compassionate person who I can share my world with that will give me an untainted perspective and guide me with love and kindness.

Thank you Tracey




"I knew Reiki was right for me, I just hadn't found the right person yet. Divine timing put Tracey and I together. I haven't looked back.

Renewed and balanced is how I feel after Tracey has worked her magic. Her messages are also on the mark and never fail to bring me a smile."

Sydney, NSW



August 2010 for Reiki & Clairvoyant Medium Readings:

“Tracey is such a shining light and just being in her presence is a healing experience. She offered me so much insight and advice into my current life situation and I left feeling deeply inspired, loved, and divinely guided.

Tracey is a wonderfully gifted healer and a truly inspiring person, I recommend her to everyone."

Love and Light to you too,
Kiama - Australia



August 2010 for Reiki & Clairvoyant Medium Readings:

"Walking out of a treatment with Tracey, my body is buzzing and my mind is clear. I know instictively that I am surrounded with love.

I walk in me... I walk out my Higher self!

Tracey is a superstar by me, as long as she is doing reiki, she has a customer in me."

Sydney, NSW



August 2010 for Reiki & Clairvoyant Medium Readings:

“I arrived to see Tracey quite tense due to personal upheaval over the previous two weeks. My neck and shoulders were quite sore prior to the treatment. Following the Reiki treatment I felt relaxed and calm. My neck and shoulder felt better although some residual soreness remained for a couple of days, the release of tension in the upper body stopped the headaches. With regard to the reading several of Tracey’s “predictions/insights” have come to fruition and I look forward to another treatment and reading soon”

Sydney, NSW


December 2009 for Reiki & Clairvoyant Medium Reading:

Dear Tracey,

I just wanted to let you know that my first Reiki Treatment & Reading with you was such a rewarding and lovely experience. I was inquisitive, having limited knowledge of Reiki, but after meeting you briefly, I felt it was something I wanted to explore. I arrived with an open mind and immediately felt so comfortable in your presence. The Reiki Treatment was wonderfully relaxing and peaceful and the Reading that followed was very special. The details were very accurate and your insights into matters such as my Business, Personal life and travels have since come to fruition. I am very much looking forward to future Treatments & Readings with you and wanted to thank you for your professionalism, warmth and generosity of your time. I would certainly recommend this experience to others because everyone deserves to indulge in something special !

Many Thanks,
Yarrawarrah, Sydney NSW

December 2008 for a Distance Reiki Treatment

Dear Trace,

Our heartfelt appreciation for the "healing" you sent to Daniel, here is a brief outline on what happened.

Daniel is 21, in early November he fell from a roof onto concrete and was gravely injured. Daniel suffered a major head trauma and was air lifted to St George Hospital intensive care unit and was in a coma. He also had other physical injuries, however, his brain injury was life threatening.

When I wrote to you about Daniel's condition, we were desperate. On five occasions in the first few days after the accident, he nearly lost his life. His parents were told he probably wouldn't survive. Over a number of days they stabilised him but on the night I wrote to you they had unsuccessfully tried to bring him out of the coma.

Eventually, after all the prayers and your Reiki healing, Dan regained consciousness, and although they believed he would be brain injured he would live. The side of his that was damaged would affect his speech, vision and memory.

Over the past couple of weeks, he has made an extraordinary recovery (still early days) and unbelievably he was allowed to go home to his family two days ago. Whilst Dan has a long convalescence ahead - his long term prognosis is now very good. With cognitive therapy and time for his physical wounds to heal, they are optimistic about the future.

This was a boy who we truly believed may not live and now we are just giving thanks for the gift of his life.

When I sent you Dan's photo Trace, I put my blind faith in Reiki healing and words can't express how we are all feeling about this remarkable recovery.

With thanks and love,
Sydney NSW


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